December 6 – 2022

Time: 10-11 (CET)
Place: Online – Zoom
In English

Chair: Martin Grander, Associate Senior Lecturer, Malmö University

Laura James, PhD Student, Australian Centre for Housing Research at University of Adelaide

Housing inequality: an outcome, an experience, a construct and a product 

Housing inequality is much more than a housing problem. Describing its history can be difficult because it is so ubiquitous, that many of us, particularly those who dwell comfortably, let the idea roll over and past them. While we know that property assets in market societies require financial capital, and comprise – for most, a household’s biggest investment, we have difficulty understanding how housing inequality binds us as much as it divides us. This makes a scoping analysis of the multiple and principal uses of housing inequality – which is what Laura will present at the seminar – valuable for academia, industry, and policy insight.

The article that Laura will present can be found here.