Housing and Welfare Research Network organizes a yearly conference about social aspects of housing.

Annual meeting on housing and welfare 2022

24 August, 13-16
In Swedish

Keynote speaker

Hannu Ruonavaara, Professor of Sociology, Åbo University


Ida Borg, Researcher, Stockholm University

Kajsa Crona, Architect and Adjunct Professor, Tengboms and Chalmers

Karin Grundström, Professor in Architecture, Malmö University

Tim Holappa, PhD Student in Public Law, Stockholm University

Marcus Knutagård, Senior Lecturer, Lund University

Lena Wetterskog Sjöstedt, Director, Skåne stadsmission

Alexander Wilson van Deurs, President,

Conference 2021

The first conference took place May 4th 2021, on Zoom, with 300 participants. Welcome to read more (in Swedish) about the conference Boende och välfärd 2021.