A digital seminar series is held within Housing and Welfare Research Network. The seminars deal with topics that in different ways relate to the network’s focus areas. Everyone, also outside the network, are welcome to participate.

The seminars usually include two presentations, with a break in the middle, and are held on Zoom.

Register through link provided in the information for each seminar.

Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact Matilda Sandberg, network coordinator.

Upcoming seminars

December 6, 10-11
In English

Laura James, University of Adelaide
Housing inequality: an outcome, an experience, a construct and a product

Chair: Martin Grander, Malmö University

January 17, 10:15-12
In Swedish

Matti Wirehag, University of Gothenburg
Matti presents his coming PhD dissertation.
Discussant: Tove Samzelius, Malmö University

More information about a second presentation will be published shortly.

Chair: Tapio Salonen, Malmö University

March 7, kl. 10:15-12
In Swedish

Theme: Newly-arrived refugees’ housing in Sweden

Presentations by Emma Holmqvist, Uppsala University (IBF), and Eva Wikström, Umeå University.

More information will be published shortly.