Processing of personal data

By becoming a member of Housing and Welfare Research Network (Swedish: Nätverk för boende och välfärd) we will process your personal data. This processing is based on your consent. You may withdraw the consent at any time, and the data may not be retained or processed further without any other legal grounds.  

By collecting the names, e-mail addresses and workplaces/organizations of the members, the research environment Studies in Housing and Welfare at Malmö University is able to manage communication and arrange different kinds of activities within the frame of Housing and Welfare Research Network, and further administrate this in form of e-mails, an e-mail list, calendar invitations, lists of participants at events, and the like. 

The data will be processed as long as the network exists or until you inform us of that you no longer wish to be part of the network, after which the information will be deleted. You can find out what has been registered about you or have feedback on the processing or information collected by contacting Matilda Sandberg at or the university’s Data Protection Officer at Complaints that cannot be resolved with Malmö University may be submitted to Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten.