Housing and Welfare Research Network – or Nätverk för boende och välfärd – is a national network that brings together researchers from different universities and disciplines as well as practitioners and other actors that in various ways work with social aspects of housing provision.

This means that the close to 200 members represent a wide range of competences, which enables a broad understanding of the urgent challenges of housing provision today. 

The purpose of the network is to strengthen collaborations and to create conditions for knowledge exchange. The aim is to contribute to knowledge about the current challenges of the housing provision and to identify possible solutions. The network shall also contribute to necessary research on the precariousness of the housing market, as well as the relationship between an increasingly market oriented housing provision and a societal development that is increasingly characterized by growing income gaps and inequality. 

Activities such as a digital seminar series and an annual larger event is arranged within the framework of the network.

Housing and Welfare Research Network is financed by Forte and organized by the research environment Studies in Housing and Welfare at Malmö University