May 14, 2024

Time: 10.15-11.30
Online – Zoom
In Swedish

Responsibilities of embedded cultural infrastructuring

Marthe Nehl, doktorand vid Institutionen för tjänstevetenskap, Lunds universitet
In this seminar, Marthe will present her ongoing thesis work on cultural infrastructuring. Special focus will be put on a chapter “Creative Work and Working Space” in the edited volume “Creative Work”

In my dissertation on cultural infrastructuring, I’m exploring the interrelations between concepts of cultural work, precarity and their spatial organisation. Touching upon urban development discourses and urban cultural policy, I have followed two organisations, REHAB Kultur in Malmö, and the European network of independent cultural centres (Trans Europe Halles) based in Lund. Both cases offer, in different ways, insights into the conflictual relationships of cultural actors in their local spatial settings, that I argue are too often excluded, or simply not sufficiently addressed in urban cultural policy. In this presentation, I will also argue that spatially embedded cultural organising comes with a number of responsibilities of and towards local actors. In this case, who is responsible(ised) for what? On the basis of the book chapter on the collaboration between MKB and artists and cultural workers (REHAB Kultur) I appreciate your critical perspectives, comments and questions regarding the residents’ perspective, that this chapter does expansively not take into account.

Commentator: TBA
Chair: Martin Grander, Associate senior lecturer, Department of Urban Studies, Malmö University.