January 26, 2024

Time: 26 January 2024, 10.15-12 (Swedish time)
Place: Online – Zoom
In English 

Sharing Housing in Times of Housing Inequality

At this seminar, the final results from the project Sharing Housing in Times of Housing Inequality, which was conducted during 2020-2023, will be presented. The project has aimed to analyze how and why privileged and vulnerable groups, respectively, share housing.

The seminar starts with a presentation of some of the findings from the research. Karin GrundströmMartin Grander (Malmö University) and Irene Molina (Uppsala University) will present he typologies, time lines and discourses around shared forms of housing in Sweden are presented. Our focus is on three typologies: co-housing, residential hotels and co-living. Secondly, we present maps over Malmö and Stockholm showing locations of shared forms of housing in relation to differences in median income. Finally, we give examples of interviews with residents.

The second part of the seminar is a panel with the international expert group of housing researchers who are connected to the project. Professors Sue Heath (University of Manchester), Christine Lelevrier (Université Paris Est), Thomas Maloutas (Harokopion University of Athens) and Richard Ronald (University of Amsterdam) will comment on the research project and present trends and tendencies in international studies of shared forms of housing. All seminar participants are then invited to discuss and ask questions.

More information about the project is available on the project’s website.

Most welcome!

Chair: Martin Grander, associate senior lecturer, Malmö University.