7 december 2021

Tid: 10.15-12
Plats: Digitalt – Zoom
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Seminarieledare: Martin Grander, forskare, Malmö universitet

Martin Grander, forskare & Matilda Sandberg, doktorand, Malmö universitet

Social mix in Swedish municipalities – why, how and where?

After the completion of the large-scale Swedish housing programme “miljonprogrammet” in 1974, ideas of “social mix” by promoting a mix of housing tenure were introduced in municipal planning. Swedish cities have since then encouraged a “versatile composition of households” which has been linked to aims of decreasing segregation.

Martin and Matilda present preliminary results from a research project on contemporary municipal strategies, focusing on the role of municipal housing companies – often regarded as the most important tool for accomplishing tenure (and social) mix. The project utilizes national quantitative and qualitative studies, including case studies in ten municipalities. Questions of interest are: why are municipalities searching for social mix?; what are the tools and practices for obtaining such mix? and; what is the outcome of the efforts?

Kommentator: Emma Holmqvist, forskare, Uppsala universitet (IBF)

Robin Biddulph, docent, Göteborgs universitet

What can we expect from tenure conversions in stigmatized areas? Insights from a tenure-mixed part of Tynnnered, Göteborg

Social mixing through tenure conversion has been promoted internationally as a policy tool for ‘breaking segregation’ and boosting urban regeneration. In Sweden, tenure conversions have been advocated in stigmatized urban areas. In 2006-2008, in Tynnered, Göteborg, 300 public rentals were converted and sold to tenants. Meanwhile the adjacent housing stock of 600 apartments remain as public rentals owned by the municipal housing company Bostadsbolaget. This presentation will review resident experiences of mixed tenure in everyday life. Drawing on these experiences, Robin will discuss contemporary expectations regarding what can be achieved when aiming at social mix through tenure conversions. 

Kommentator: Andreas Alm Fjellborg, postdoc, Uppsala universitet (IBF)